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JUNE 9-10, 2018

Schedules Posted

Click the link below to see the Tournament Schedules and Standings.

Updates, Updates, Updates...

Life happens and things change.  We're here to help.  We will notify coach and team managers directly if the schedule changes in addition to updating the online schedule.  Parents and fans can follow our twitter feed, @ECU_Soccer, for updates.    

overflow parking available here

ECU_Soccer Eau Claire United ECU_Soccer

More Dang Rules...

No Dogs:  Dogs are not allowed in the Eau Claire Soccer Park or on Bollinger Fields during game play.  That's City and UWEC policy.  Please respect this rule, for it goes both ways.  Kids can't play soccer at the dog park.

No Drones:   Wide open space and no trees; sounds like a great place to fly a drone.  Until a U10 player is smacked in the head by a flying object.  Enough said.

Respect the Refs:  A young person is performing the hardest task in sport and a grown-up hollers at her.  That's a bad call.  Please treat all game officials with kindness and respect.  Without them, there is no game.

We're here, now what?

Check In:  All team managers must check in at the registration tent one hour before your first game.   Rosters will be frozen at check-in.

Eat:  Grab a bite from one of our local food trucks or a cup-o-joe from the Tempo coffee cart.   The concession stand is always open for your dining pleasure.   

Watch:  There will be exciting soccer played this weekend.  Enjoy it.

Play:  Give the skills challenge a try.  I did.  No skills.

Do Other Stuff:  Explore Eau Claire's fabulous parks, shopping, riverfront, restaurants and everything else the Chippewa Valley has to offer.

  • Four Months to Tourney Time
  • Three Months to Tourney Time
  • Ten Weeks to Tourney Time
  • Eight Weeks to Tourney Time
  • Four Weeks to Tourney Time


JUNE 9-10, 2018